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I’ve been playing and producing music since the early 90s and using sound and music as a healing and meditative journeying modality was a natural progression after becoming a Reiki energy practitioner in 2002. On my personal journey I’ve used sound, energy healing, shadow work and meditation to recover from and manage a serious medical condition and navigate tragic loss, grief and trauma. 

My approach is to welcome everything, every sensation, every feeling, every part of you without judgement. I seek to connect the mind and the body. In my experience, the body holds onto emotional and mental traumas, no matter how big or small, and expresses these through aches, pains and other physical conditions. If we listen to the body closely enough it can be possible to discover an emotional link. Using sacred sound frequencies, guided meditations and breath work provides a more direct route to release stress and dis-ease in both the mind and the body. 

If you need an intuitive, open-hearted, positive alternative therapist for lovingly crafted sound treatments please reach out to explore how we can work together to help re-balance, relax and re-energize your body, mind and soul.

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