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“My biofield tuning session with Rounik exceeded my expectations. Healing vibrations of the tuning forks felt especially yummy on my face.


Rounik's intuitive guidance with the right questions has led me to emotional purification and long awaited realisations.


He creates a gentle and safe space for the inner magic to unfold."

Aggy, Bristol

"Thank you very much for your Time. Your Sound Healing was great. The empathy we felt when the Bowls sing was very healing. We were refilled with unconditional love and freedom in our heart. Namaste."

Bianca & Joylena

"The bowl therapy treatment I experienced resonated deeply with me and was really special. It's difficult to put it into words but it was the first time I've been able to feel fully relaxed in over 2 years (post stroke and brain surgery). 

Rounik made me feel safe and heard in the unique space that he created. Don't underestimate his gentle, intuitive way of working."

Fiona Ledger

"I was looking forward to a sound healing treatment from Rounik, but did not know what to expect other than an opportunity to relax. On receiving the sound healing I was blown away and it far exceeded my expectations. I have felt amazing since, feeling less anxious and more grounded. Also, I was amazed that my shoulder pain was better. I am so happy that Rounik will practise sound healing more and I recommend him wholeheartedly."

Jan Davidson

"I already knew about sound therapy and since I had missed this for some years because the lady giving it moved away, I naturally flew to the opportunity to enjoy Rounik's session - and it was a very harmonising experience. 

I would love to book another session. Not to compare, because energy can't be repeated, but to experience the combination of calmness and love reigning in the wordless speach of the sound bowls, adapted to the moment that is. 

I wish you all the best with your heart business, thanking you for being as you are."

Jasmin Iris Hophan

"Rounik is a skilled sound healer and I would recommend him for anybody looking for help with a physical or emotional issue.

The very first treatment I had with him was suprising in that an emotional release that came from a deep visceral layer was released. This began with my teeth chattering - it was very unusual and left me feeling clear and energised.

Subsequent sessions have also released trapped emotions and connected me to myself in a deeper way.

Rounik is very caring and is guided by his intuition, creating a wonderful healing space where deep 'let go' can occur."

Fiona Shakeela Burns

"I found Rounik’s sound meditation session very beneficial. He was calm and professional taking time to make sure I understood the process before he began the treatment.

On hearing the sounds from the bowls, I relaxed quickly. I saw shimmering colours in my mind and I felt very peaceful.

I would highly recommend Rounik’s sound meditation sessions."   

Heather Dodd, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Bristol

“My wife and I have attended and benefited from a number of Rounik’s ‘sound baths’, both on-line and in person and would wholeheartedly encourage others to test them out. 

I have found something very precious in giving time and space to myself, resting in the sound and energy created by Rounik. 

Problems are ‘right sized’, body tensions can dissolve and niggles can be identified. 

More than a treat - a treasure!”

Jon Rogers

"Beautiful, sacred space filled with love, healing, beauty and majesty. Thank you dear Rounik for your gentle and loving sound journeys. Healing for my heart. Much love and gratitude to you."

Shanti Lawrie
Shamanic Bodyworker, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach

Rounik offers a gentle, loving, and welcoming space for sound bath sessions, guiding us gently in. The sound vibrations give a different experience each time, depending on what is going on for you personally. Each time seems to be absorbing, calming and usually very relaxing and sometimes deeply affecting in a transformative way.

Bev Daniel

"Fabulous sound bath tonight - thank you. I wasn’t sure how the sound would work over Zoom but it worked really well - it felt like we were with you !!"

Andy Mills

"I attended Rounik's online soundbath and it was a lovely experience. He created a great space for everyone, was inviting, but didn’t push people to share if they didn’t want to. The session was a lovely journey with a guided meditation and then the sounds. It was extremely soothing and he played the instruments beautifully. I felt like I'd had a wonderful all over massage for the mind, heart and spirit!”

Sarah Sheldon

"Dear Rounik yesterday's online sound bath was so good! I feel the breathing exercises at the start helped me relax in a completely different way. I don't know if I fell asleep or was so relaxed my thoughts switched off...  when you starting talking to bring us back out of the sound journey I was surprised - I had lost all sense of the passing of time during the sound bath. It's the first time I have ever laid so still and for the full period of time. My lower legs felt like they were on a water bed or something similar, with nothing solid below them. It was amazing, and so much needed, thank you!"

Mandy, Bristol

"Rounik is the real deal. I've had the pleasure of attending Rounik's weekly online sound baths and his kindness and compassion shine through. Rounik has co-created a beautiful online community; I feel safe and held during these sessions thanks to Rounik's caring approach. His soothing voice, calm demeaner and wonderful sense of humor make these online sound baths very special - something not always easy to achieve in this virtual world. Keep shining Rounik! Thank you for all you do."

Chloe Jane (Yoga & Sound Healing Practitioner)

"Rounik is the real deal. I've had the pleasure of attending Rounik's weekly online sound baths and his kindness and compassion shine through. Rounik has co-created a beautiful online community; I feel safe and held during these sessions thanks to Rounik's caring approach. His soothing voice, calm demeaner and wonderful sense of humor make these online sound baths very special - something not always easy to achieve in this virtual world. Keep shining Rounik! Thank you for all you do."

“A huge thank you for providing such a deeply relaxing, healing sound bath.


I’ve been in bed with covid for 3 days and have been feeling really tired and wiped out.


I feel very soothed after attending last nights remote session from the comfort of my own bed. I was able to allow myself to enter into a deep state of relaxation, following the sounds and switching off worries, cares and concerns..I dozed off towards the end. (Not the first time definitely not the last.)


Today I can feel the benefit that this deep rest has done for me and I am feeling better than I did yesterday. 


Your sessions help me to let go yet be with everything and to allow space for healing. 


Rounik, you are so passionate about what you do and those that you help, from the wonderful breathing and meditation techniques that you share, guiding your group into a safe space before the sounds start, to a cheeky on screen visit from your beloved dog! Your sessions are wonderful. ✨


Thank you for doing what you do.”

Tina Perkins, Nottingham

“I went to my first Soundbath ever, with Rounik. I hadn't heard of them before a friend had signposted me to his class so I didn't really have any expectations, just to have some time out of my busy life and to have some much needed headspace. Rounik was really welcoming and friendly & explained how it worked. 

I was really surprised at how much I benefitted from the class, as someone who struggles to relax it really forced me to chill out and calm down. My mind was wandering loads during the initial meditation which led into the Southbath but on some level it was relaxing me as very soon into the Soundbath I felt immersed. 

During it a very recent memory/trauma came up. It's been so painful for me reliving it and no time or capacity to deal with it and then all of a sudden during the Soundbath I felt in a safe space to relive it and it didn't upset me, I just felt like I processed it finally. I also felt physical tingling sensations in my brain at points too.

 I left feeling so much lighter and booked straight onto the next one! I would highly recommend Rounik's classes.”

Wendy, Bristol

Rounik’s soothing, reassuring and heart-centred voice brought me into a place of total relaxation, a letting go right down to the cellular level in the online sound bath. I loved how Rounik used the breath in combination with the singing bowl sounds to gently bring the body and mind into more stillness and relaxation. The resonance of the breath together with the music is very powerful! By the end of the session, I felt dissolved, like pure vibration. And, the quality of the sound bath is top notch and so professionally & intuitively perfect. It felt like the singing bowls were vibrations on the floor beside me. Much gratitude to you Rounik for your gift of heart-centered sound to the world.

Anamda Sly, Yoga teacher/trainer, Breathontologist, Ottawa, Canada

“I’ve now been to a few of Rounik’s wonderful Sound Baths at the Wild Goose Space and I think I’m bordering on what might be termed “a regular”! I genuinely cannot think of a better way to spend my Friday evening twice a month. 

Every sound bath has been its own uniquely valuable individual experience, whilst I simultaneously feel a collective connection with others in a shared group experience. 

One bath resulted in me feeling a deeper sense of relaxation peace and tranquility within myself than I have felt for a long time, in another the sound vibrations took me to a place of reconnecting with a difficult emotion I have been holding in my body, and which I have since felt able to start releasing.  They all have left me wanting to go back for more.

Rounik’s presence, personality and ability to hold space so beautifully makes the room feel like a place of total safety. He brings humour, gentleness and grace, helping everyone feel relaxed, comfortable and able to get the most they can from the session. 

And if that isn’t enough - there is chocolate at the end too!!” 

Nikki Cottrell, Bristol, UK. 

"A small group of friends and I had a wonderful private sound bath with Rounik at Sensate Spa & Studio. We walked in to low lighting, incense burning, and a plethora of giant gongs and shiny gold Tibetan bowls all laid out.


The sounds that came out of those gongs were incredible. The sound bath itself was an evocative and powerful experience at many levels. We had some lovely group interactions with a relaxed check in at the start and chat at the end and Rounik was flexible and welcoming to specific requests.


I much recommend the venue for a group, and the experience for anyone."

Caroline B, Bristol

Having had the joy of experiencing Rounik’s beautiful Sound Baths I was intrigued by the Biofield Tuning Sessions that he offers on a one to one basis.


I was absolutely blown away with the experience and a week later I still feel the energy working in every cell of my body.


It was a truly amazing session which put me into one of the most deeply relaxed states I have experienced for a very long time. 

At the end of my session, and ever since then, I have felt top to toe tingling as the energy is so fluid. 


It lifted my mood considerably and gave me a feeling of emotional, mental and physical balance and uplifted spirits. I left feeling lighter in myself, happier and most of all……significantly better than I was before I went in.


Rounik is so knowledgeable and professional as well as warm and caring, it’s the perfect balance when you are having something like this done to feel confident and to know you are in such good hands. He adds some lovely touches to the experience which really makes for such a memorable treatment.


I can highly recommend this to anyone for so many different reasons and I will definitely be going back again.


Julie R, Bristol

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