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** Headphones recommended ** 


You will receive a 1080 video with visuals and audio file in high quality mp3.


Get comfortable, take a few gentle, deeper breaths, readying yourself to let go of what doesn't serve you in this moment and prepare to relax, receive and re-tune.


From subtle shimmers to blissful and majestic pulsing you're welcome to experience this 27 minute sound healing session with Paiste 38" Earth Gong, mallets and B Love Flumis. 


If your eyes remain open you'll notice some trippy visuals developing... 


Whatever your intention or experience I recommend gently coming back to the breath whenever you feel to.


Experience sound healing with gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks 1:1 online or in-person: 


Sound therapy has many benefits for body, mind and soul. Benefits include:

• Reduce stress

• Enable deep sleep / reduce insomnia

• Detox body on cellular level

• Relieve physical pain

• Balance digestive disorders

• Heal emotional traumas

• Promote body's self-healing abilities


I suggest you find a comfortable position, lying down, with blankets, pillow and water to hand and no distractions for the next hour. This is time for you and your body to relax, release and heal. 


Love and blessings,

Rounik xx

Earth Gong Bath (27 mins)

£12.00 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price
  • Purchase of this video session will allow you to watch this material any time you wish. You will need to download this video onto your computer and open the .zip file. Inside the folder you'll find a video and audio file. You can then transfer this to your computer or tablet or phone. Please refer to your device's help guides for how to do this.

    For best results (good vibrations!) please use good quality headphones or speakers.

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